Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Turn

Well I sadly don't have any cool pictures to share with you. But I thought I would make my wife happy and take a minute to "Blog"

This semester has been one for the record books to say the least. Leisha has already chronicled my adventures so there is no need to recap. But needless to say it has been a BUSY semester. As things are finally winding down, final projects are coming up, classes are ending, I have had a few minutes over the last several days to consider how incredibly blessed I am.

I have a WONDERFUL wife that is the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with outside of salvation. We are so blessed to both have jobs. Well Leisha has a career and I am working on getting a piece of paper so someone will let me start a career too!! But anyway, we are buying a house! (We think we might actually get to close on the 3rd of May)

Though the semester has been oevrwhelming at times, and down right mean at others, in the end we are so lucky to be in the position God has placed us in.

Enough of the mushy stuff.

This summer is sure to look different. I am actually planning to stay stateside this summer. I say planning because God has a funny way of changing my geographical location, sometimes at the last moment. I will be working and teaching at Texas A&M. I am actually teaching a course for the first summer session. So I am pretty excited about that. I will also be devoting alot of time toward my thesis and data collection. Should be great fun.

As you know I am now the voice of Aggie Softball. It has been one of the best things I have ever done. Truly has been an honor. I look forward to doing that while we remain in College Station. Out of that I actually got a job offer for the summer to do some announcing for the local Texas College League summer baseball team. But after much thought, discussion and prayer I decided that wasn't where I needed to be investing my time.

Well that is enough for now. Only things on the horizon are the house closing, and maybe another long bike ride sometime in July. Still trying to convince Leisha she should hop on a bike and join me!

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