Sunday, May 8, 2016

Landry is 6 months old!


How in the world are you half a year old?! I can't believe it's been 6 months since we met your sweet face. Our life has been changed in the best way. This is such a fun age. I just love seeing your personality develop and watch you achieve your milestones. It's such a blessing being your mommy!

Weight: 17lbs 6ounces (74 percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.75 inches (61 percentile)
Height: 27 inches (89 percentile)

Eating: She is still breastfeeding very well. She eats about every 3-4 hours during the day and waking 3 times at night. (AH!) During the day she feeds about 10-15 minutes. She takes three 5-5.5 ounces bottles of breast milk when I work. I'm still taking Lecithin 3 times a day to prevent clogged ducts.
We started solids this month! She has had sweet potatoes and carrots and love both. I made those myself and didn't liquify them enough the first time I fed her and she didn't like it! But I mixed some more breast milk in with it the next time and she took it all and loved it!


She has become quite the little napper! She will take 2-3 naps during the day and will usually be 1-2 hours long. I will wake her up at 2 hours if she hasn't woken up then. I've tried to not rock her to sleep and just put her awake in the crib. Occasionally she will go to sleep with minimal fuss, but usually she will roll around and cry/talk for up to 15-20 minutes before falling asleep. There are still times when she just won't nap, like if she falls asleep in the car she will almost never go back to sleep when we get home. 

And night sleep....I had a 5 hour stretch of sleep once. That was fabulous! But the rest of the time she's waking/eating about every 3-4 hours during the night. She got where she was consistently waking up 2 hours after she went down...every single night. Chris would try to soothe her, bounce her, rock her but usually I had to go in and feed her. That has tapered off a little and she'll go longer than 2 hours for the first wake up. I definitely thought by 6 months I would be sleeping more. I have to remember that this isn't forever and I'll sleep again eventually! (Right!?!)

She is still in her crib and sleeping in her Zipadee-Zip. I did stop nursing to sleep. So I usually change diaper, feed and then put in to her zipadee-zip. She can usually sleep until 8-8:30am with 1 or 2 cries but then goes back to sleep.


Clothes: We are in 6 month clothes. She has a few outfits that are 6-12 months that are a little loose but she can wear them. She has so many hand-me-downs that it's been nice that we haven't had to buy many clothes.


Diapers: We moved up to size 3 diapers this month. We've been using Pampers Baby Dry and Swaddlers. I like that the Swaddlers still have the indicator line but I usually put her in the Baby Dry at night. She's been sleeping on her tummy a lot and has wet through the front of the diaper several times. It hasn't happened as much since we moved her up to 3's.


At 6 months old she:
  • still LOVES bath time! We bathe her 1-2 times a week.
  • Went to the pool for the first time
  • Wants to put everything in her mouth!
  • Has a tooth!! It hasn't come up all the way, but I discovered it on May 2 and it's come up some since then. It's her lower central incisor.
  • Is much easier to make smile and laugh.
  • Takes her paci at naptime and sometimes if she's fussy. We've retired the Wubbanub.
  • Rolls all over the place!
  • Loves being outside
  • Eats in her Bumbo
  • Loves playing peek-a-boo
  • Loves to pull up to sitting and standing with our hands.
  • finally has more hair! It's growing back!
  • has grey/brown eyes.
  • doesn't ever wear shoes
  • loves her daddy and his tickley beard on her face/neck!
  • is hard to keep still long enough to take her picture!
  • riding in her stroller like a big girl now! We converted it from the carrier to the umbrella stroller this month.
  • got a door jumper and isn't too sure about it yet.

First time in converted stroller-4/26/16

She started sleeping on her side which makes her look so big!

Trying sweet potatoes for the first time - 4/18/16

First time I wore Landry in the Ergo at the grocery store, she loved it! - 4/28/16

First time trying carrots - 4/27/16

the day I felt her first tooth! - 5/2/16

My first Mother's day was the day she turned 6 months old!

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