Friday, January 1, 2016

the time we went to hawaii

Chris was asked to officiate his first wedding this year. Then the bride and groom decided to have a destination wedding and asked Chris to come with them. So we all went!

The many different sleeping positions on a plane!

We got to visit the Pearl Harbor memorial. This girl slept in the Ergo the whole time!

Megan had a birthday while we were there.

So we got her a cake and ate it down on the beach. Which somehow ended up in people throwing cake at each other. Which ended up with someone losing their ring. Which...SOMEHOW we found in the sand after looking for a bit. 


This girl was a dream traveler. She adapted so well to the time change and being on the go most of the time. She slept pretty much whenever, wherever. The only time it got a little hairy was riding in the car. She wasn't a huge fan of the car rides, especially if she was tired. I was a bit nervous traveling with a 7 week old, but several people told me this is the best time to go. Would totally agree now!

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