Sunday, November 30, 2014


We spent thanksgiving in Longview with my family this year. 
Brooklynn painted her own nails! I went upstairs to see what the guys were doing. My dad and Chris were playing xbox and B was sitting quietly behind them painting her nails. They had no idea she was even in the room! Thankfully she was being very careful and didn't make a mess with the nail polish. She was very proud of her paint job!

Chris has a quadcopter that he played with and we watched from the second story as he flew it in the entry way. 

Sweet Bryn's first thanksgiving!

My dad had to work on Black Friday so we visited him at work for lunch. 

Friday night we went bowling 
Unfortunately I ended up with a stomach bug that came on while we were on our way home from bowling, but we had a blast and always enjoy visiting my family!!

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